10 February 2009

Same-sex marriage poll

Some time back, I wrote this article in which I argue against the legalization of same-sex marriage using secular reasoning. It's turned out to be a popular article.

Feelings are often strong on both sides of this subject. So, I'm trying something new and starting a poll on the subject. I have a feeling what the results might be (based on how most traffic reaches that article), but we'll see if I'm correct. :) Either way, it will be fun. And perhaps, psychologically beneficial to readers to be able to express an opinion. No stuffing the ballot box!

I've tried to mix up the answers a little to keep from biasing the results. Notice that there are 5 possible answers and the intention is for them to roughly mean "strong for", "weak for", "unknown/undecided", "weak against", and "strong against". ... So, don't nitpick the wording. Go with the one that's closest to your opinion.

If multiple choice isn't enough for you, please leave a comment on the blog. I'll update with the "margin of error" as needed. :p


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