19 August 2017

Manipulative Media's Mountainous Mistake

The "Main Stream Media", MSM, should be called the Left Stream Media, the LSM.  This would resolve the ambiguity around "mainstream", which the media really has no claim to.

The LSM did something very, very clever during the 2016 presidential election.  They stood by and enjoyed the spectacle of Donald Trump winning the Republican primary.  Ironically, the media often benefits from the same things that it dislikes.  People enjoy some controversy and will watch more news if there is more controversy.  So, the LSM could hide behind the claim that Donald Trump makes good copy and that when he says outrageous things that that is news that people want to see.  Ultimately, the LSM materially helped Donald Trump to secure the nomination not just by the amount of free publicity that they gave him but, even more, by their glaring omissions during that time.

And, why?  Well, that's the "left" in the LSM, isn't it.  They aided DJT in the primary because they thought him so incapable of winning the general election that they believed that his primary win would guarantee a Democrat win in November.  They were arranging an easy lay-up for their darling, Hillary Clinton.  (So they thought.)

Is this an incredible claim?  Not at all.  What's more, I need no new evidence to confirm this claim.  If you follow the news even casually, you will recall the video of Trump's locker room talk with a television host on the bus on the way to a shoot.  The video was released by The Washington Post on October 7th, 2016.  Just about a month before the general election.  And, yet, the video was made in 2005.  People in the media knew about this tape long, long before its release.  Later reports confirm, that NBC executives knew about it for a long time but held onto it.

I don't claim that there was a conspiracy -- it's not like some left wing media committee has weekly meetings to decide how to time and arrange the news to promote their world-view.  However, at the very least, this episode lays bare the bone-deep biases of the LSM.  Had they taken Trump (or their jobs) seriously during the primaries, they could have and would have revealed this tape at that time.  And, they could not say that Trump had no chance of winning the primary -- not after he won New Hampshire on February 9th and South Carolina on February the 20th.  Jeb Bush dropped out after South Carolina.  

What I believe the LSM did is every bit as bad as a conspiracy.  They frankly didn't care if Trump did win the Republican nomination, because they were perfectly happy to effectively sabotage the Republicans by letting that happen while keeping some pretty fantastic dirt on Trump in their back pockets.  The people in the media are just so smart -- they never even expected that they might need to break out the good dirt.  In the meanwhile, they got great laughs at the Republicans who were headed towards a bad nominee.  ...  Had they taken the process seriously and not used their positions of influence to tilt the events in favor of their girl Hillary, they might have taken a harder line on Trump and he could easily have lost in the primaries.

If you're a liberal or a member of the media, you should think long and hard about how having a liberal media backfired so catastrophically in 2016.

Today, the country teeters on the brink of mass hysteria.  
The reason is because of the Left-Stream Media's relentless attacks on everything the President does -- and even a few things he has not done.  (Think Russian collusion.)  The election is over.  There are no take-backs or do overs.  You guys had your chance and you effed it up royally.  Trump is our president now and no matter what happens, he should not be removed by a LSM coup d'etat.  If media elites gain a veto power over our elections, then American democracy is dead indeed.

President Trump is far from perfect.  But, I do believe that he loves this country and that he wants to make life better for working Americans and for all Americans.  Long live President Trump.

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