22 January 2016

Is Trump a Trojan horse?

I'm not a fan of Donald Trump.  I don't hate him and would support him if he gets the nomination.  But, he's not the best candidate for the general election.  Not by a long shot.  I don't think he would win in the general election.  The MSM is playing games and giving Donald Trump an easy time and lots of coverage.  I think they agree with me that Trump would be a poison pill for the Republicans, if they choose to take it.

Certainly, I understand a lot the frustration with the party and the "establishment" that has led to Trump's rise.  Donald Trump is a SYMPTOM of our problems, not the cause.  I just cannot see Trump as any sort of solution to anything.  Here, in short form, are more problems with Trump :

  1. He's boorish and not presidential.  His smashmouth approach may capture the anger of many, but it rubs me the wrong way.
  2. I don't believe that he's a real conservative.  For one thing, he's gotten to the conservative party a little late in life.  For another thing, he's made comments regarding freedom and the constitution that are not in line with conservative ideals.
  3. He manages to anger lots of different groups.  I must be careful here to not be misunderstood.  Sometimes a good policy will be unfairly attacked by the left as anti-this-group or anti-that-group even though it's the best thing for the country.  Trump seems to be finding ways to justify the left's accusations of discrimination!
  4. His coiffure is just too terrible.
Who do I like instead?  Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and I'm warming up to Ted Cruz.  Christie is not an ideal conservative and I disagree with some of his policy views.  But, he's a very strong campaigner with an impressive record on fiscal and law enforcement issues.

Back to the point: Remember 1992!  Is it possible that Trump is setting up for a third party run just to submarine the Republicans?  In 1992, a third-party candidate split the conservative vote.  The result was that the weepy womanizer, Bill Clinton, became president even though 57% of voters did not choose him.  Trump says some pretty outrageous things.  Yet, his poll numbers stay steady.  Is he just tossing out whatever (rotten) red meat has passed marketing research and focus groups?  It would explain a lot.  It doesn't matter what you say if you never had any intention of actually winning in the first place.

If this is not some kind of double game by Trump, he'd better grow up and show some more maturity and seriousness soon.  A new haircut would also be nice.

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