19 October 2007

You missed a great one!

Blogger Buzz: Environmental Blog Roundup

Ugh. The "Environmental Blog Roundup" missed a big one. Blogger should be proud to have a truly wonderful science blog called The Reference Frame. It discusses Global Warming frequently and with great authority. And the writer's general theme on that subject is that it's not a crisis. Please, add "The Reference Frame" to your reading list and help rid our environment of the pollution of pseudo-scientific political garbage like the IPCC and "An Inconvenient Truth."

I've written about global warming once or twice. But, honestly, the case against panic is so strong that I have trouble remaining interested in the subject. It's like smashing ants with a sledgehammer to shoot down global warming alarmists. Which is to say, it's easy, but also a waste of time. Because the alarmists will never listen.

They have some strange psychological need to save the world. Couldn't these boneheads just help other people? Maybe sponsor a poor child or something? ... No, they can't. They have to save THE WHOLE WORLD. And, curiously, they have to save it not by any personal action, but by destroying our modern economy with onerous, unnecessary, environmental regulation. ... Self-righteous, scientifically illiterate morons.

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