06 July 2015

Eff' the dictionary!

I was listening to Herman Cain on the radio last week.  I really enjoy his show and his positive and cheerful attitude.  However, on this day he repeated a terrible error that I've heard many times and from many other conservative commentators.  He said that the problem with same sex marriage is that it changes the definition of marriage.  Granted, this is true, up to a point.  I suppose you could say that this is "a" problem with same sex marriage.  But, it's a huge mistake to say that it's "the" problem with same sex marriage.

Forgive my anger, but damn it, this argument is shallow, legalistic, and cowardly.  The dictionary was damn well written by men for men.  And, men can change it whenever it suits them.  As we do fairly often with a number of words.  The proponents of same sex marriage are talking about love and commitment and financial security of families.  And, how many conservatives took this fool's argument and held up a dictionary and said, in effect, "Gosh, would love to help you, but it's already in the dictionary!" ?  ...  Too many.  Way, way too many.

After the calamitous supreme court decision legalizing same sex marriage, there are two more words we should look up (since we already have our dictionaries out so that we can cross out the old definition of marriage) :  "Epic" and "blunder".


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