10 October 2006

short hair, green jacket, RANT

On this blog I'm trying to write articles of substance, with a little thought behind them. I wish to avoid being a slave to the "news cycle" and the short, commenting-on-something-else posts that go along with it. "Not that there's anything wrong with that!!" It's just that there's plenty of people out there that are already doing a great job in that department. And, frankly, I've got a day job and could never keep up with the news cycle anyway. I'm trying to do something a little different and write articles that stand on their own and still be relevant when the hot story has changed.

This post, however, is going to be a departure. I've just seen something so obnoxious that it demands an immediate response. Hence, it receives the 'RANT' qualifier in the title.

I think Michelle Malkin broke the story, but LGF includes more background information and the original photos here: Democratic Party Fauxtoshops Veteran. The synopsis is as follows: The DNC has a page on its website called "Veterans & Military Families" (where they talk about ... the same thing they talk about on every other page, how Republicans and Bush are evil and ruining the country). This web page included a prominent picture of a soldier in a beret. This picture was of a Canadian soldier. The DNC apparently can't tell the difference.

Helpfully, the Army labels all its
soldiers to avoid this sort of thing.

In these times when the Republicans seem to be doing everything that they can to alienate their base and lose the coming elections, it's important to remember that things could be worse -- a lot worse. We need to remember that the Dem's are the party of John Kerry, who stabbed his military compatriots in the back; Jane Fonda, who slapped our military in the face; and Bill Clinton, who beat the draft then gutted the military in 90's. And others, ad nauseam.

Did these idiots at the DNC never watch Gomer Pyle? Major Dad? How about the f(*&ing evening news? Their hateful disdain betrays them, "short hair, green jacket, they all look the same to me!" The damnable bastards at the DNC were apparently too stoned during the 60's to even notice the uniforms of the soldiers that they were spitting on. ... And, now they've spit on them again.

Oh God, please, help us find a way to beat the bumbling, spineless, pork-whoring Republican party into shape before it's too late!

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