20 December 2005

M.I.C.key Mouse

I admit that I boycotted China for much of the 90's. It was lonely work and I eventually gave up. It was either that or jog in $300 Italian shoes.

I'm still greatly concerned about China and I think that it may well become the world's pre-eminent superpower some day. I'm still waiting for their new middle class to rise up and demand democracy. I don't think it's going to happen -- we've been waiting for 20 years now. I believe the Chinese Communist Party is well aware of the dangers of economic growth and is working carefully to ensure that things stay under their control, even while reaping the benefits of a little economic freedom and capitalism.

I'm also very curious about what the real state of human rights and forced labor and slavery is in China. Are we such hypocrites in America that we will argue endlessly about the morality of driving SUVs or wearing fur coats, while benefitting directly from slave labor? Frankly, I'd find that even worse than having slavery right here in America -- you get the monetary benefits of slavery without all of the icky seeing them and stuff. You make someone else do the dirty work.

Where are all of the liberals on this, anyways?? They only care about the false charges they've trumped up against Bush. Real injustice and crime against humanity are of no interest to them. (Wouldn't help them win an election, I guess.)

Some people are still boycotting China, but it seems to be slow going: boycott made in china

Just to be clear, I don't think boycotting China brings jobs back to America, but back to Mexico, Taiwan, India, Korea, and others (where they belong).

So, I'm seriously thinking about taking up the boycott again. Encouragement is welcome.


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